What could a Rodan + Fields business do for your family?

I swore I’d never, ever be a MLM consultant or representative or whatever they’re called…

I have nothing against them, just not for me. I needed a “real” job with a “regular, predictable” paycheck. Because that is somehow better.(?)

And besides, all of these people representing different companies couldn’t be making any money anyway…right? I have a bachelor degree, I don’t need a MLM to have a job. I can get a “real” one.

Then Rodan and Fields came across my radar. A friend of mine is a consultant and had been posting about the products on Facebook. I was intrigued first as a customer. I had some skin issues that I had been trying to address, but I really didn’t know where to start. She helped me find a regimen to try, and although I was skeptical the 60 day money back guarantee made me feel better.

I fully expected it not to work. Nothing else did! I figured I’d have to see a dermatologist someday if I wanted real results. I snapped my “before” pic and followed the directions of use on my regimen for 30 days. When I snapped my first “after” pic, I was shocked. There was real, visible improvement in only 30 days! I was thrilled.

I started to see the R+F Facebook posts as people sharing products they actually loved and used rather than just selling stuff…because I loved the products too. I then started to wonder about the posts people shared about joining the business. What if they were sharing this business idea with their friends, not because they were only trying to shift the job of selling onto someone else, but because they actually loved the business and wanted to share the opportunity.

So I asked my friend to teach me more about this business. Still thinking I wouldn’t join, but wanted to know what the big deal was. Because, if these women were really making money, using these fantastic products (that I already loved) and seriously having fun together…I could be open-minded, I wanted in.

My friend was honest with me right from the start. She told me you had to work it. It wouldn’t just happen. You had to show up and try, and that there are plenty of people who sign up, and don’t work it and don’t succeed. But for the people that do…this business works and is worth it. You take home a real check. A check that pays real bills, funds real vacations, supports real missions and churches.

I wondered what I could do with it.

I can work, I can try, I love to earn so working something is ideal for me. I wanted the chance to run my own business, on my schedule and my terms. I wanted connections in this huge community of supportive women. I had been feeling stuck. I’m a work-at-home momma and I was working a “traditional” job from home and was SO bored with it. The thing is, the “predictable” paycheck meant “predictable” work. Meant waiting for “predictable” raises once a year (maybe). Meant working alone most of the time, I was in need of some adult conversation to feed my soul!

So I went for it. Even though I just (seriously like a week before) had a baby. Even though I always said I wouldn’t. Even though I was now busier than I had ever been before.

My first two months have been a roller coaster ride, but honestly have been better than I expected. I’m seriously having fun doing this…never thought it would be possible! It’s just what this busy mom of three needed to get me back to feeling productive, and connected to others outside the walls of my home like I did when I was working full time. And the best part? The harder and smarter I work, the results show in my paycheck…which just fuels my desire to keep moving forward.

So how about you? What’s your story? Are you looking to break out of your rut and try something new? Are you like me, a stay-at-home momma looking for friendships and bonus income for your family? Do you love R+F already and want a way to buy your products at the deepest discount possible? All are great reasons to join the business. I’d love to have you on my team! Let’s talk.


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