January reads

This year I made it a goal to read 24 books. I was able to read 24 books last year also, and though I debated bumping the number up a bit, I realized that 24 books was about all I could handle. I’m a very slow reader (any way to improve on this?!) and two books a month is plenty for this busy mama.

So far I’m right on schedule! Here is what I read in January:

  1. Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty


This is a story that follows a wealthy family through their history together and the sudden loss of their wealth. The family now has the opportunity to reinvent their lives and themselves. Do they choose to continue to live a life of ease and plenty, or write their own story independent of their rich family history? It was interesting and pulled me in the whole time. Overall a pretty good read.

2. Present over Perfect


Like I said, I’m a slow reader. So I try to be really intentional with what I choose to read, knowing it’s quite the time investment! I chose this book based on price (it was $1.99!) and catchy/trendy/appealing title. All not great reasons to choose a book. I’m not saying it was a bad read. There are plenty of nuggets of truth woven throughout this book that are directly applicable to anyones busy lives. The thing I didn’t like about it was I just couldn’t relate to the author, no matter how hard I tried. I’ll leave it at that. It is certainly worth the read if you feel like you’re leading a frantic, busy, achievement-oriented life and need a good re-set!

What are you reading? What books have you loved, you know the ones that you stay up until 3am reading because you can’t put them down? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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